Did I say I wanted to move to the country for a quieter life?

I'm starting to think perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew. Two jobs (one of which is already a life-eater), a kiddo, Scouts, that fella I spend time with, Church, Choir, a WoW addiction to support, and - ohyeah - a move next week (finally, my own kitchen again, yay!) ... I may never sleep again.

Hopefully it will get a little easier once the move is finished and we're set up here in town. At least then I won't have to wait until my fella gets home to, y'know, GO HOME every day.

In the meantime, well, I'm going to whine about tired feet a bit. Fair warning.
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Lazy Black Leopard

I must be insane

So, I've taken this job. It's not much more money than Subway, but it's a heck of a lot more in my line of interests and suchlike. I'm now the Director of a small Art Gallery and Museum in Arkansas. It's a nice little place, and it's got gobs of potential. The kicker is that the budget is teeny-to-nonexistent for improvements and - except for an Experience Works person who doesn't want to, well, work - I'm going to have to count on volunteers for anything I can't handle meself.

This is where the insanity kicks in. The laundry list of things to do to get this place up to my standards... well, I'll never be bored. Right?

Still working at Subway part time, 'til I get caught up a bit financially. Being unemployed for most of April hurt. A lot.

Still living with the folks. I've rearranged some things in the house, and we all have a bit more personal space, so that's good. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have more resources for my own digs. If I didn't love it up here, I could move back to Houston and have my own digs right away. Ah, well, that's not an option.

Back to the madhouse. Later y'all.
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Would you like chips and a drink with that?

Yep, that's right, I make sandwiches at Subway nowadays. It's kind of neat - way different from what I'm used to, for sure, and it's certainly better than no job at all. It'll do, 'til I can find something else. At least they feed me, and the food is much better for me than, say, McDonald's or something.

I've had interviews for a couple of other positions, but we'll see. Hopefully something will come along, so that I can get my son and I moved into our own space. I love my folks, but .. well, eeeesh. It's just a little too crowded.

More later. Late for work if I don't get my butt up from this library computer (yay for high-speed access!) and go get changed.
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My heart stopped for a moment there, but really, it's funny now.

So. We were hungry, we said, and didn't feel like cooking. After some discussion, we went to Sonic (one of few places around here) to get some grub.

As I'd had just a few hours of sleep after the long drive home from Houston, I was sleepy, and closed my eyes to doze for a minute (don't worry, my Dad was driving).

What a rude awakening I had! I heard a faint popping sound, and my son began screaming hysterically. When I looked at him (we were both in the back seat), he was holding his hands to his face, and there was red thick liquid all over his eyes and his nose and gushing out from his hands! Looked like blood, and given his emotional state, I was pretty darn scared, I assure you.

It took only a few seconds to realize that this was not blood, but in fact was ketchup. Longest three seconds of my life, though, with my thoughts racing, wondering how he could possibly have hurt himself, not to mention the undercurrent of "ohGodohGodohGodmybabymybabypleaselethimbeokay" which I could not, of course, say out loud.

The sneaky monster had kept one of the ketchup packets he has developed an obsession for and had been squeezing it, when it popped right into his face, getting into his face and eyes and probably burning like the blazes in the process. Must have scared him something fierce too.

Took me a while to see the humor, I must say, especially since I'd told the little bugger not to squeeze the things lest this very thing should happen. But in retrospect, it's pretty funny. Wish I could go back and take a picture of his face for posterity...

Oh, look, it's an entry!

Updates all 'round. Whee!

1) Dial-up is eeeeevil. We just explored the option of DSL, but alas, we're still in the void of service availability between Mountain View and Leslie. Time Warner doesn't even provide cable service in our area, so that's out. We're hoping that the Dish network's new system will do the deed. Otherwise, I may just go slowly crazy without regular and speedy access to da info superhighway. It's why y'all haven't heard from me much; sorry about that (assuming anyone is still, y'know, "listening" at this point. Ha!).

2) Watching the mountains come alive is a pretty amazing experience. Houston really only has two seasons - hot and humid or chilly and rainy, and thus I was not prepared for the glory of color that comes about with a true Spring. The dogwoods and redbuds are blooming all over the place, the deciduous trees are beginnng to put on green leaves, and the entire browned-out landscape is just exploding with all this beautiful green. I love it up here.

3) The wildlife here is just astounding. The sheer quantity and variety of birds is pretty darn cool; I find myself wishing I had a book to figure out what some of these hoppers or fliers are. I especially love watching the hawks (and the occasional falcon) soar on the thermals, but the bluebirds, jays, and robins are pretty darn cool too. Also: real crows seem huge after a lifetime of watching grackles (sp?) exhibit their corbidae attitudes. Turkey vultures are among the ugliest critters I've seen, but they are kind of graceful in flight.

Deer running across the road is something I may never get used to, though. One must watch carefully in the early evening and early morning hours to avoid crashing into them. Still, watching them bound alongside the road in their little families is darn cool.

We have some large predators here, too - which boggles my mind. I'm told my neighbor walked up on a bear last fall, and I know we have some wild canids (my dad says they're coyotes) in the forests around our home. A member of Mom's church ran afoul of what she thought was a large lost housecat last month and had to take a little trip to the emergency room after the bobcat scratched her up pretty badly. She's lucky she wasn't seriously hurt. And then there's the occasional mountain lion sighting. Life in the Ozarks is .. well, teeming with life. Ain't it cool?

Later y'all. As always, I'll try not to go so long between updates.

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Happy Birthday to Sandra Tayler (sandratayler) and Eric Burns (demiurgent)!

May the day bring you many blessings.
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Checking In

Hi all.

So. I should update my bio, I suppose. I no longer live in Houston, Texas. I now live in a little town called Oxley, Arkansas - so small that my mailing address is for Leslie, Arkansas.

Lots of reasons for accelerating the time to move up nearer to my folks, which I won't go into here. It's freakin' COLD here, and there's only dialup. But man, it's beautiful, even in the winter. I knew there were places in the world where you could look down from the road at the whole town, but .. well, it's still stunning to me to actually live in such a place. Mountains! Who knew?

Anyway. Just thought I'd share. Happy New Year to y'all.

My baby's gone..

Well, I'm of two minds today, and what's worse, both are singing - different tunes. On the one hand, having my son go off to visit with my parents in Arkansas always inspires one portion of my rather.. odd.. brain to sing that Stones tune about being Free to do what I want. Which is precisely what I've done today. Unfortunately, this amounts to precious little. Tomorrow, however, the list of things I want to do, which are often a pain in the patootie with all the get-ready-for-the-school-week and Look-at-me-Mom activities on Sundays, is quite a bit more .. er.. ambitious - including going in to work for a bit to get a much-needed headstart on the week (sans interruptions) and earn equally-needed overtime - without having to beg a sitter, which is refreshing and different.

Then, well, there's that other part of me, the one singing slow songs and missing the kid already. Right now, it's a quiet little voice, murmuring songs about how my baby's gone and I'm all aloooooooone in the house and it's too bloomin' quiet in here. Right now, this voice is very quiet, smothered by the sheer joy of a house all to my lonesome, and "ooh, I can paint this piece all in one sitting if I want, or I can just leave it here while it dries without picking it up high."

Anyway. I've decided that, for today at least, I'm going to just pamper me. There's a long, hot bath in my near future, and then a new Nora Roberts novel (it's not great literature, but dayum that girl can tell a fun yarn), and sleeping as late as I bloody well want tomorrow.

Works for me. Night y'all :)
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A milestone.

Well now. My son has reached what I think is an important milestone this week: we are reading chapter books at bedtime. Okay, okay, so I'm reading them.. but to make the transition from short stories to chapter books is a big step, and one he seems excited about.

My talker is tired, but since our first chapter book is The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, a favorite of mine in my childhood, it's like rediscovering an old friend, too. Only trouble is, after reading our chapter (or two), I keep having to force myself to put the book down.

My baby boy is growing up sooo fast.